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We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

The funeral home started in the 1880's by Claus Salomon. It changed ownership at around the turn of the century but continued in operation under the ownership of J.N Schnoor. The location of operation changed when J.N. Schnoor built the original and existing building on the corner of Broadway and 15th St. just a block and a half east of where it began. That building still stands with modifications and additions that began in 1936 when Walter Huebner purchased the funeral home from his employer J.N. Schnoor. Today, three generations of Huebner's have been funeral directors serving the Denison community and surrounding towns of Crawford County with a tradition of honesty, integrity and dignity.

That characteristic embedded in us by our parents insures that everyone is treated with the same respect. Not all families view the same approach toward funerals. Some desire a Christian faith based service and others desire a service focused on the life of their loved one. Either way, we have been providing services of all persuasions to the families that call on us, without judging their needs and desires. It is their choice to make when deciding on the type of service they desire and one that fits their needs. Without influencing the direction of each family, we have the ability to implement the experience of 125 years of service that includes more than 70 years of Huebner family service to the community and surrounding area. We can offer guidance when needed without minimizing each family's requests, thoughts and desires and perhaps enhance the experience of the funeral service with compassion and dignity.

The funeral service is not a platform to show off the funeral directors wares, it is a celebration of life, once lived and a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have provided the same respect for each family regardless of their faith or incomes. We were brought up by parents that respected all people, not just some people. We were taught to look into the eyes of an old person and see his hard work through times of despair and pain. We were taught to read the aged wrinkles on their faces and feel their sadness when they had no strength. We were taught to respect that man or woman for the failures they endured in their life that made life better for the next generation, and we were taught to admire the wisdom of each of them so that one day, we too will pass on a flame of wisdom to those who are eager to learn in the hopes that they will some day solve the issues we were unable to solve. This is the character of our family and the funeral service we stand with. It is the attitude of our staff. It is the Huebner Funeral Home.